Master Classes

I have created a new Master Class Offering in Property Development that is in a convenient and affordable ‘short webinar format’ which is run to augment lecturing timetables in Colleges and Universities across the Asia Pacific Time Zones.

It is designed to be a supplementary offering to Lecturers that provides their students with industry based skills/knowledge and to interface with executives from the industry.

There are two themes that are a central to the offering and to help students to be ‘fit for purpose’these are:

Work Ready and Street Smart which focus respectively on employment and entrepreneurship readiness and agility.

The Master Classes focus on industry issues and use case studies that are challenging and problematic. Industry leaders and executives are interviewed by Dr Drane and the students are able to interact and ask questions during the sessions.

Examples are:

The Defects Dilemma: How the Property Development Industry’s professional practices have been eroded over time and the associated causes of defects. How does the industry move forward to combat this systemic issue that can cost lives?

-Think Like a Property Developer?: How do Property Developers think? Our cities are more and more reliant on private property developers. This class is both for budding property developers but also city planners who are sometimes frustrated and bewildered by the forces of property development.

-Eagle VS Dove: The Strange Alliance: How do City Planners and Property Developers work together to be co-creators of sustainable, affordable cities and is this actually possible?

-Becoming a Property Developer: For budding entrepreneurs who would like to adapt their existing skill base to move into the Property Development Industry either as an employee and/or an entrepreneur.

These classes are in a short webinar format and offered per student on a pay per session basis which runs at two time slots that suits students across the Asia Pacific region:

Weekday Evenings 7.30pm to 9pm Sydney Australia GMT+10

Sunday Afternoon 3pm to 4.30pm Sydney Australia GMT+ 10

The first Master Classes have already occurred in November 2018 as Introductory Sessions and the above topics and their classes are being rolled out into the Summer 2018 period and into 2019.

Attend an Introductory Seminar:

For further information and for bookings go to

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