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Drane, J 2017,  ‘The state of contemporary property development theory’, in Kotlyarov (ed), Real Estate Development, Alpha Print, Yekaterinburg, pp. 20-48.

This is a Russian Translation text edited by Professor Maxim Kotlyarov of the Queen Mary University in London.

Access book on on this link:Девелопмент_недвижимости_

Drane, J 2015, ‘Building Defects, How can they be avoided?- a builder’s perspective’, Strata and Community Title in Australia for the 21st Century 2015 Conference.

Drane 2015- Defects A Builders View

Griffith 2015- Strata Conference Programme

Drane, J 2015, ;The Seed in the Cityscape: The Property Development Mechanism and its influence on the growth of cities, UNSWorks, Doctoral Thesis.

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Drane, J 2013, ‘The state of contemporary property development theory’, Proceedings of 19th Annual Pacific-Rim Real Estate Society Conference, Melbourne, Australia.

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Drane 2013- Abstract State of Contemporary Property Dev Theory

Drane 2013- State of Contemporary Prop Dev Theory

Drane, J 2012, ‘A View From The Ground: Implications for the literature on the ‘models of the development process’ based on a model of praxis and an associated mapping study’,
Proceedings of AESOP 26th Annual Congress, METU Ankara, Turkey.

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Drane 2012- Abstract A View from the Ground

The full article is available through the AESOP website on request contact-

Drane et al, 2012, A Tale of Two Cultures: Building Community by Researching Community, AARE-APERA conference 2012 , Joint AARE APERA International Conference, Sydney 2012.

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Drane et al 2012-A Tale of Two Cultures

Drane, J 2011, On Voices and Silence, A reflection on a study of isolation and community in two ‘phd labs’ in the Faculty of the Built Environment, University of NSW

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Drane 2011- On Voices and Silence

Drane, J , 2009 , Literature Review: The ranking of dynamic cities through a proliferation model and demography of building types. Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Macquarie University, Sydney Australia.

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Drane 2009- Ranking of Megacities

Drane. J 2000, Corporation Man The Next 100 Years,  Megacities International Conference, Hong Kong 2000.
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Drane, J 2007, The Way of a Thousand Arrows- An Australian family’s journey through the Camino de Santiago, Spain, Greenshoot Investments Pty Ltd,.
Drane, 2008, A Guide to the Camino de Santiago, Greenshoot Investments Pty Ltd,
Drane ( upcoming 2016) The First Pilot, Greenshoot Investments Pty Ltd,
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