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How to bring dead city areas to life

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What is involved in a Dormancy Study?

Our initial dormancy study  provides an historical view of the dormant precinct and its potential to self activate or be activated over a timeline.

We use ARCGIS ( Geographical Information Systems),  field observation and case study analysis.

The study determines a strategy for re-activation of the precinct and includes:

-An historical dormancy event timeline.

-A development framework for rejuvenation

-A developer dynamics study showing the developments that are shaping the dormancy

-A strategy for future stimulation of the precinct in keeping with your town/city planning strategy.

When you fill in the form you will receive an email which outlines the next step and it starts with a 30 minute free consultation with Dr Jon then a written proposal with a budget and timeline.

Learn More about City Dormancy.

Cities often have ‘dead areas’ like old ports and industrial areas and even residential areas that are no longer active.

Dr Jon Drane unfolds the mystery of how he treats these areas as merely ‘dormant’ like in nature e.g. a bear hibernating.

Watch Dr Drane’s video on how to bring dormant city areas to life:

City Dormancy Studies

Our development studies not only focus on the dynamic areas of development in a city but how they relate to existing dead or dormant areas.

We view dead city areas as merely dormant and from a remnant past.

However our extensive historical and case research show how they are brought to life.



Learn More about Dormancy

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Dormancy and Revitalisation in the Outer West of Sydney 2017

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Dr Jonathan Drane

Dr Jonathan Drane