game learning platform for city and property development

Game Learning by Dr Drane- Online Training in City and Property Development.

Dr Drane’s Master Class platform has a new offering in the exciting Game Learning platform on which is an exciting game and quizz learning platform.

Dr Drane’s game learning platform provides fast track integrated learning of professional skills that can lead to real commercial outcomes for you or your business in the realm of Commercial Property Development.

The programme provides a home for professionals to continue their industry skills development from college/university through to mid career and then third age students. It is priced to be always immediately affordable.

The web site is designed based on the a collection of micro information modules in the form of mini videos , games and puzzles.

The training augments University, Institute and College curriculum and are a means to both academic and professional progression and development.

Game Learning Gallery

We teach about property development and how developers think using our new game learning platform on

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Kahoot gallery JD

Thanks for your interest in our programme.

Dr Jonathan Drane

Dr Jonathan Drane




Dr Jonathan Drane is a recognised writer, researcher, advisor and teacher in urban and property development dynamics. He is an expert witness in complex construction and development issues.

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