Optimum Search City Research Centre is conducting research into the systemic causes of building defects in the high rise multi-apartment tower sector. The research project is called The Defects Dilemma which was started in 2018 by Dr Jonathan Drane.

A dedicated web site is up and running called The Defects Dilemma which focuses on the terrible state of building defects in the multi-apartment sector across Australia and the world. The Defects Dilemma is a research iniative which was started in 2018 when many cases of dangerous defects were coinciding.

Even as this is written, the tragedy of Champlain Tower in Miami is fresh in our memories.

The web site captures the recent history and chronology of this phenomena and also tracks the legislations and guiding studies, research and reports that have arisen relating to building defects.

building defects chronology
A chronology of multi-apartment defects across the world.

‘In creating this initiative I was very aware that this was a complex phenomena which was seemingly occuring across the world and that the research should involve firstly an historical understanding of systems and processes but also track the events as case studies to determine the commonalities of causes’. Dr Jonathan Drane

The research also involves  methodologies for the ongoing analysis of this space with two current models 1) Delivery Systems Decay and 2) Enablement Factors.

The Delivery Systems Model tracks the decay in the systems of creation and delivery of multi-apartment towers since the post war mid-century era. The model includes a Building Defects Scenario Matrix which illustrates key factors that determine risk levels of defects occuring.

The Enablement Model tracks the actual property development system and mechanisms that form the culture of creation of multi-apartment towers. It starts with the low barriers of entry of land traders, the subsequent zoning abuses, phoenix entities, mezzanine funding, kindred builder selection, strata formation and lack of quality control systems.

‘In understanding the system of creation of a multi-apartment tower it is evident that what clearly should be a top- tier high rise commercial development and construction process has been in fact placed inadvertently in the hands of  non-qualified, land traders and poor quality domestic builders who are used to constructing cottage dwellings.’ Dr Jonathan Drane

The research initiative is fully collaborative and calls on researchers, government, industry and strata bodies and their communities to help solve the Building Defects Dilemma.

Research students are also welcome  for when we offer internships and work opportunities.

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By Jondrane.net

Dr Jonathan Drane is a recognised writer, researcher, advisor and teacher in urban and property development dynamics. He is an expert witness in complex construction and development issues. http://www.jondrane.net/

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