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Internships 2021-2

Research Internships are now available to assist Optimum Search City Research Centre with its marketing and business programme.

Our projects include:

Night Owl Night Economy Study: Providing an understanding of the make up of Night Economies and their activation.

Dangerous Building Defects Study : Establishing the systemic causes of dangerous building defects in multi-apartment towers.

Expert Witness Advisory : Providing expert advice to legal cases in the built environmnent.

Gig Internship Research Skills Programme: Providing an induction programme for interns to develop skillsets relevant to research projects.

Our Internship Project

The internship project is designed to train students in research skills including programming, data collection, coordination and field study.

In the initial stage there are three key project focuses that interns will assist with and learn from:

  1. Gig Internship Programme: Establish an innovative programme that allows students to obtain internship status early and based on attendance in a training webinar series with a practical training.
  2.  Publishing Pipeline: Establish a publishing capacity (including posts-articles) on our web site and generate interest through social media campaigns and SEO.
  3. Project Pipeline: Establish funded research projects (the creation of grants and revenue for research and advisory projects).

Available Internships: October to December 2021

The initial internship team are focusing on marketing and social media and will include assistants with the following titles:

-Project Coordinator: Coordinate marketing activities

-Marketing Coordinator: Email- List Management (CRM)

-Communications Coordinator- Content Management Systems

Internship Job Descriptions

The three job descriptions are summarised in the banners below:

Project coordinator

Marketing Coordinator

Comms Coordinator

Pre-Requisites for our internships

Applicants needed to meet the following criteria:

  • Be an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident.
  • Be an international student with fluent spoken and written english.
  • Be enrolled as a student at a college or university.
  • Preferably in the following disciplines: Built Environment (Architecture, City Planning, Engineering and Property), Marketing, Business, Creative Arts, Communications or related areas.
  • Be responsible and responsive to work programmes, communication, and activity urgencies.
  • Be a good communicator, outgoing and be able to liaise with people in a relaxed manner.
  • Be proficient with spreadsheet, forms and web content management systems (e.g. WordPress)
  • Be proficient in creation of graphics as part of the data collection process.
  • Have a mobile phone and tablet which is a recent model
  • Have a laptop or PC with wifi access for zoom type sessions.
  • Be able to work under a vocational placement agreement with your university, college or school (see below).
  • Be organised and self starting and to show initiative
  • Be respectful of others in a research team.
  • Complete our induction process.

COVID and Online Work from Home Status

The internships are run online and although the research centre is situated in Sydney applicants can be across Australia.

This will be reviewed when COVID health orders change or allow for other situations. No field research is being conducted during lock down periods.

About Internships, Work Placements and Work Experience

Internships have traditionally been understood to be ‘work experience’ which helps you with your practical progresssion from academic and skills training into the work force. It is unpaid due to the work experience and academic progression that you receive through partaking in the work placement. However there are situations where it can be paid and that is a progression path that we endorse and try to create as an incentive for students.

In order to participate in the work placement means that you must enter a three way agreement between your self, your uni/college/school and Optimum Search (us; the the host). The work placement must also provide you with academic progression related to your course . This needs to be discussed and agreed with your Work Integrated Learning team in your institution. For more detail the placements are in accordance with The Fair Work Ombudsmen. see link:

Learn More about Work Placements on the Govt Web Site

Application Step 1: Fill out our questionnaire form ( see below).

See our privacy policy.

You will need to sign in to a google account to fill in the application form see below.

Application Step 2: Register for our upcoming research skills webinar.

Attendance is free but mandatory for you to be considered for or participate in our internship processes. The webinars explain our ‘Gig Internship Programme’ and a background to Optimum Search City Research.  Attendance is counted for our professional development programme for interns and guests.  See eventbrite registration below.

Register Here for our Briefing Webinar: Eventbrite Booking Page

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Register Here for our Briefing Webinar

Upcoming Webinar
Skills Webinar: How to create a Literature Map

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Dr Jonathan Drane