Literature Mapping

Research projects usually start with a Literature Review which is done using tools such as search engines ( e.g. google scholar) and document management and reference systems ( e.g. endnote and mandalay).

The literature review will attempt to create a space for the research project that has not been covered or is yet to be developed.

Literature Mapping uses graphical methods to plot your literature on a desktop field like your computer desktop. It uses cards ( like the icons on your desktop) and allocates identifiers to the cards including different colours as well as other key information points.

Lit Map 2 edn1

Dr Jonathan Drane has developed a literature mapping method which streamlines your literature review and helps you refine your topic and its place in the literature universe.

An example of his literature map system is shown above which is extracted from his doctorate.

Link to Jonathan’s Research Gate page page on Literature Mapping

Link to Jonathan’s Doctorate