Mentor-Coach Booking Page

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Prices as follows:

Online Sessions ( Sessions use  zoom interface.* see notes below)

Online Individual Consultation: $30 plus gst  for 30minutes ( ie $1 per minute plus gst).

You can register for  30  and 60 minute sessions .

Your first session (paid) allows an extra 15 minutes for set up and connection using zoom at no charge.

*Zoom interface notes: Sessions are not conducted unless you have  quiet setting and a strong, stable internet service. No cafes or public place wifi.  See and sign up free before the session.

Choose the session period you want to book and  we will send an email confirmation and confirm with you when the session is to run.

Individual Consultation Session:

30 minute session online with Dr Drane  (paypal):

$ AUD30 plus gst


60 minute session online with Dr Drane (paypal):

$ AUD60 plus gst
Face to Face Meetings

Assuming we meet at a cafe in Narrabeen ( Northern Beaches) , the rate per hour is $75 plus gst.

Online Group Workshops and Bootcamps:

Indicative only:  $45 plus gst per attendee for a  60 minutes session. Group size min 3 -max 10 participants and depends on the workshop. You can bring your own group with you.

Online Finance Expense Tracker Sessions

Please use the online above session rates.

For face to face workshops email us see contact us page: Pricing is based on attendee numbers and venue costs etc.