Research Skills Webinar Series 2022

Dr Jonathan Drane provides research skills training to  Honours, Masters and Doctoral students with an emphasis on social research methods.

This can be applied to:

thesis, article, paper and book publishing.

This includes:

  • Social Research Methods
  • Literature Review and Mapping
  • Case Study Methods
  • Interview Methods
  • Content Analysis
  • Research Tools- e.g. NVivo, Scrivener, Endnote.
  • Academic Writing
  • Research Planning and Proposals
  • Topic definition
  • Time management
  • Programming
  • Work Shopping with other students

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Higher Degree Research Training Programme

Optimum City Search can provide Higher Education Provider (HEP) and their Higher Education Students (HDR) students with ‘eligible industry internships’ in accordance with the Australian Government’s Research Training Programme (RTP).

HDR Research Training Programme

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Dr Jonathan Drane

Dr Jonathan Drane