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JDSLAB – Dr Jon’s Self-publishing Lab- The Book

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JDSLAB – The Book- Dr Jon’s Self-publishing Lab for Writers. Unlock the secrets of self-publishing with Dr. Jon’s groundbreaking laboratory, JDSLAB, where the worlds of science and entrepreneurship converge to redefine the post-manuscript period. Meet Dr. Jonathan Drane, a distinguished veteran, award-winning writer, and city growth researcher, renowned for his groundbreaking work on urban development.

Discover the fusion of science and self-publishing as Dr. Jon pioneers the use of the Minimum Viable Product Concept, testing micro pieces of a writer’s work to gauge commercial response. Unearth the self-publishing formulas he has meticulously tested and collected over the years, tailored for various writing forms—books, blogs, articles, short stories, poems, and essays—each possessing a unique alchemy that captivates and inspires readers.

Delve into the art of self-publishing alchemy, where writing transcends mere words, akin to cherished gems that leave a lasting impact. Dr. Jon emphasizes the profound purpose of writing—reaching and inspiring an audience of one—prioritizing connection over commercial success.

Equipped with the JDSLAB Self Publishing Lab Kit, aspiring authors gain access to a comprehensive review of relevant apps and a pathway template, guiding manuscripts from inception to production. As the demarcation line shifts to the ‘Post Manuscript Production’ phase, Dr. Jon’s research reveals a crucial focus on quality control, ensuring manuscripts are ‘book ready’ for the next transformative stage.

Embark on a literary journey with Dr. Jon, where science meets storytelling, and self-publishing becomes a strategic exploration. Join the revolution at JDSLAB, where the future of self-publishing unfolds beyond the manuscript, paving the way for authors to leave an indelible mark on the literary landscape.

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Dr Jonathan Drane

Availability: The book is being produced.

Please see the podcast version that has several episodes that will form a basis for the book structure. See link below.

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