Workshop to Define Outer West Dormancy Research October 2017

From Dormancy to Proliferation: A Model of Potential Property Proliferation in Dormant Areas of Sydney’s Outer-West Centres.

A Research Project by Dr Jonathan Drane, Sydney Graduate School of Management, Western Sydney University, Sydney, Australia.

The Urban and Living Society Institute Grant Scheme 2017

By Dr Jonathan Drane


This research studies outer west centres in the Sydney basin to understand and chart dormant town areas and their potential to proliferate new developments. One page flyer (pdf):

Outer West Dormancy Study – Drane 2017

Initial Research Workshop October 2017:

A ( free) workshop which is designed to define this  research project was held on Wednesday 25th October 2017 at Werrington Launch Pad, Ground Floor, Werrington Park Corporate Centre,Werrington South Western Sydney University Campus, 14 Great Western Highway, Kingswood, NSW 2747.

Workshop Agenda

The agenda is covered in the attached one page summary

Workshop Agenda A4

Workshop Speakers and Facilitators

The speakers cv and focus is in the attached one page summary

Workshop Speakers

Workshop Details and Outcomes

The workshop was run in a three part agenda including a key speaker Angus Dawson who was the key executive on the Honeysuckle Rejuvenation. He presented the Honeysuckle rejuvenation story and then Dr Jonathan Drane presented the Palmer Street Townsville proliferation story. Dr Hugh Pattinson helped to design the workshop and co-facilitated.

The participants included representatives from the four LGAs Penrith , Camden , Campbelltown  and Wollondilly . The reps were in the ‘city growth’,  ‘economic development’ and ‘property development’ space. The balance were from government, academia and business with common interests in this area.

There was a ‘walk in the outer west’ poster session where the local LGA reps talked about key issues followed by a discussion of the key themes that the research should focus on. These themes related to the fact that the former outer west rural towns were trying to deal with the massive growth that was occurring in the region. An example is that there is a divide forming between the old town centres and the newly placed housing estates.

The workshop was run based on an engagement philosophy with the key potential output (apart from conferencearticles  and journal papers) being an analytical framework which was introduced during the morning which will help the LGA’s and consultants assess precincts for the effects of high growth and vulnerability to dormancy. This framework has a the potential ability to foster further external grants .

The closing point of the workshop was that it was planned to run two of these workshops during the 2018 year to cover the themes that were revealed and in the workshop.

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