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Dr Jon Drane Media of Dr Jon Drane’s research work . The City Whisperer explores the future of smarter healthy cities. It focuses on how we can build better cities of the future.

Dr Drane was invited as Chairman for ANZ Night Time Economy Forum, Sydney, June 12th to 14th.

Dr Drane Master Class on Night Time Economy was run at ANZ Night Time Economy Forum, Sydney June 12th see web page and topic:

City Planning and Design for Night Time Economy: Building Vibrant Spaces After Dark: Learn More

Creating a Night Economy: Do we plan it, design it or develop it, as city builders. Read Dr Drane’s article.

ANZ Night Time Economy Explores the ‘Sleeping City’Read Dr Drane’s article


News or Topical Blog Articles:

SMH Article by Elizabeth Farrelly on Dangerous Defects


Dr Drane’s masterclass on dynamic dormancy in mixed use areas was very useful in helping Councils to better understand the continuously evolving trading ecologies of growing cities. The masterclass offered practical insights for how Councils can manage mixed-use zones through existing frameworks, and garner the best community outcomes from such developments. Night Time Economy Councils’ Committee ( Local Government NSW): January 2019. see article below.

Penrith of the Future: The Western Weekender, 15 January 2015.

Jonathan Drane thinks Penrith is experiencing growing pains as the city grows, Daily Telegraph, Ian Paterson, Penrith Press, January 15, 2015 4:18pm

Apartment Defects what to look out for, Choice, 15 September 2016.


City Growth Dynamics Revealed: The Cinderella City. PRD Nationwide Research Article June 2015.

PRD Issue 010 | 25 June 2015

Download the Cinderella City PDF

See also Dr Drane’s linked in page for testimonials on his work in industry situations and projects.,15)/