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The Way of a Thousand Arrows- An Australian family’s journey through the Camino de Santiago

 Author: Jonathan Drane  Category: Book-Non Fiction, Travel Guide, Travel Memoir  Publisher: Greenshoot Investments Publishing  Published: September 20, 2018  ISBN: 978-0-9804247-0-6  Tags: Camino de SantiagoFamily travel memoirSpanish pilgrim trail |

A travel memoir on The Camino de Santiago by Jonathan Drane depicts an Australian family’s incredible journey on the famous Spanish Pilgrim Trail.

Walking the Camino de Santiago, the Spainsh Pilgrim Trail- The Way of a Thousand Arrows by Dr Jon Drane
Walking the Camino de Santiago Dr Jon Drane

An Australian family from the suburbs of Sydney decide to walk the Camino
de Santiago (The Way of St James), an ancient pilgrim path which runs across
the north of Spain’s rich and varied provinces.

Beginning in Pamplona, famous for its bull run, they trace the steps of the
pilgrims through the centuries, eventually coming to stand beneath the towers
of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, where the body of the apostle
James is interred, then on to Finisterre (the end of the earth). The scenes that
unfold are rich in the history of the Roman Empire, The Crusades and the
Spanish Inquisition.

Walking 450 kilometres in only 22 days, with no plan and just a path to follow,
reveals more than just a history lesson, and forces the family to face not only the
rigours of the journey but their own courage, discipline and determination.
With no planning and just thousands of arrows to show them the way, they
learn about life and the strange and mystical lessons of the Camino. Everywhere
there are teachers and insights, sometimes in the most unexpected forms.
This book is about those lessons, the lessons of the path as seen through the
eyes of a modern family, a normal, everyday Australian family from Sydney,
all members of the human race, the same race that walked the path centuries

The Way of a Thousand Arrows is an emotional and physical journey of discovery,
a coming home.

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