The Project

Understanding the systemic causes of building defects in multi-apartment towers. The Defects Dilemma is a research and advocacy initiative created in 2018 by Dr Jonathan Drane who is a recognised expert in the multi-layered understanding of property development and construction systems. One Page Flyer: The Defects Dilemma Research Project 2019 Background The Defects Dilemma initiative is a continuation of several decades of research by Dr Drane across several academic institutions including Macquarie Graduate School of Management (1992 and 2010), UNSW Built Environment ( 2011 to 2015) and then Western Sydney University School of Business (2016 to 2018) including Grants and Awards. Research Initiative: The Defects Dilemma seeks to explain the high level of defects in the Australian multi-apartment high rise sector through systemic  analysis.
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Dr Jonathan