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The State of Contemporary Property Development Theory

 Author: Dr Jonathan Drane  Category: Article, Research Paper, Thesis Doctorate  Publisher: 19TH ANNUAL PACIFIC-RIM REAL ESTATE SOCIETY CONFERENCE  Published: January 13, 2013  Tags: city and property developmentmodels of the development processProperty development the |  Download

A review of contemporary property development theory covering ‘models of the development process’ by Dr Jonathan Drane

This article was published at the Pacific Rim Real Estate Society conference and revealed the state of property development theory in the literature and focusses on models of property development process, previously championed by Patsy Healy.


This article discusses the limitations of contemporary property development theory in both the academic and
commercial arenas, where it is proposed in theoretical terms that there has been little integrated development since the
early 1990’s.

Building on the author’s prior study (Drane 2012) which surveyed and mapped the literature related to ‘models of the
development process’ from 1954 to 2012, a limitation in not only collective attention to this subject since 1992 is
discovered, but also deficiencies in theoretical frames used, which were in turn limited by disciplines of the day.

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Models of the Property Development Process