Mental health of men, Mentoring Men, Dr Jon Drane mentor, mental health of men,mental health and the cityMentoring Men Workshop

Mental health of men. Mentoring Men runs workshops on mental health of men and deals with anxiety, depression and suicidality. Dr Jon received certification.

Mentoring Men runs workshops on mental health of men and deals with anxiety, depression and suicidality

Am thrilled to receive my Certificate of Completion for mentor training with Mentoring Men (MM) who provide mentoring support for men who are struggling with mental health and issues related to suicidality.

On average, 9 people in Australia take their own lives every day. 7 of whom are men (MM website)

 Mental health of men, Mentoring Men, Dr Jon Drane mentor, mental health of men,mental health and the city
Suicide Men and Women Statistics

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Men struggle with mental health issues and families can suffer greatly from this through loss of life, disconnection and family and domestic violence.

I was also thrilled to see both women and men included in the training workshop, which also focussed on issues related to men’s mental health and its impact on loved ones.

Mental health of men, men and suicidality, anxiety and depression of men are a key focus of The City Whisperer.

Mental Health and the City

About Us- City Development Processes and the Mental Health of Cities

Learn more about Dr Jon, the City Whisperer and its focus on the growth of cities,  mental health and the city. It focuses on smarter healthy cities of the future.

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Dr Drane’s doctorate studies city and property development processes and was the first worldwide practitioner based doctorate in this field. The doctorate focused on the influence of property development on the growth of cities. It identified the role of public property developers as well as private property developers and how they interacted to proliferate city precincts.

City development processes, Dr Jon Drane, The Seed in the Cityscape, first practitioner doctorate.

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Dr Jonathan Drane, the city whisperer

Dr Jonathan Drane

Dr Jonathan Drane is an independent researcher and advisor to government, corporate, legal  and academic sectors. He applies research methods to solve complex problems through project analysis in the commercial construction and development sector.

Mental Health and the City

“In 2022, Australia’s cities and regions experienced substantial disparities across several wellbeing indicators, including affordable housing, equality and stable employment. While certain regions thrive, many regional and inner city areas are being left behind.”

SGS Cities and Regions Wellbeing Index , 12 April 2023, Julian Szafraniec, Marcia Keegan

By Dr Jon Drane

Dr Jonathan Drane is a recognised writer, researcher, advisor and teacher in city and property development processes. He is an expert witness in complex construction and property development issues. Jonathan is also the editor of The City Whisperer which explores our growing cities and the results and malaise of growth.

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