The Way Of A Thousand Arrows

Dr Jonathan Drane is an award winning Australian non-fiction writer and poet. His personal works concentrate on manhood, and his life experiences as a father, son and husband. Although Jonathan started writing poetry at the age of 12, his works remained hidden until he was 50 years old.

Jonathan’s first travel memoir ‘The Way of a Thousand Arrows’ takes the reader through a mystical journey on the Camino de Santiago- the spanish pilgrim trail which he travelled in 2006 with his young family. The pilgrimage involved more than a family holiday and a history lesson, and introduced the family to their own determination and courage, and the mystical ways of the Camino.

He and his wife Penny have also created a Guide to the Camino de Santiago which focuses on families and their needs on the path.

Guide to Camino de Santiago2

Jonathan has also spent a number of years researching a Pilot Station on the New South Wales coast, which holds a rich and mysterious history.

The First Pilot3

Jonathan’s research into the station has helped clarify the life and times of the first Pilot at the station. In his upcoming book ‘The First Pilot’ he depicts the adventure. mystery and hardships of the pilots, who used flags to guide ships to shore, through the dangerous bars of the Camden Haven river.

michale spooner

Interview with Michael Spooner ABC Radio, Port Macquarie, February 11, 2015.

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