Pilot Station History HeadlandsPilot Station Headlands

Pilot Station History Dunbogan NSW. Dr Jon Drane reveals the workings of the Pilot Station on Camden Haven headland and how the boatmen and the Pilot worked hand in hand across the two headlands.

Pilot Station History  Headlands
Pilot Station Headlands

Headland, Camden Haven River Mouth showing the Pilot and Boat Headlands. The black lines depict the planned breakwaters that exist today (NSW Harbours Map 1900), Headland labels, J Drane.

The above map shows the two headlands based on harbour maps from 1900. The ‘Pilot’ headland stood lookout for the incoming steam ships and signalled the boatmen at the Boat Headland to be ready to pilot the ships into the Lake area.

The boat headland is well recorded in the Alfred Sharp painting of 1887 and the cottage shown sits near to the graves of Frances Williams and two sailors who were part of a naval tragedy in the same era (1860s).

Pilot station Dunbogan NSW, The first pilot Dr Jon Drane Boat Headland cottage. From light house era
Boat Headland Pilot station Dunbogan NSW

1887 Painting of Boat Headland Cottage by Alfred Sharp (Camden Haven Historical Society)

The Pilot Headland is also well recorded though there have been two settlements over the centuries including the Pilot Station and a Federation House which burnt down.

Pilot Station History Dunbogan Dr Jon Drane
Pilot Station Flag Shed

1907 Pilot Station Flag Shed (CHHS) (Camden Haven Historical Society)

By Dr Jon Drane

Dr Jonathan Drane is a recognised writer, researcher, advisor and teacher in city and property development processes. He is an expert witness in complex construction and property development issues. Jonathan is also the editor of The City Whisperer which explores our growing cities and the results and malaise of growth. http://www.jondrane.net/

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