Pilot station Dunbogan NSW, The first pilot Dr Jon Drane Boat Headland cottage. From light house eraBoat Headland Pilot station Dunbogan NSW

The Pilot Station, so well known to locals at Dunbogan and surrounds has always held a mystery.The station is a remnant of the light house and pilot era of Australian maritime navigation and stands on a headland facing the Pacific Ocean.

Pilot station Dunbogan NSW, The first pilot Dr Jon Drane Boat Headland cottage. From light house era
Boat Headland Pilot station Dunbogan NSW

1887 Painting of Boat Headland Cottage by Alfred Sharp (Camden Haven Historical Society)

It holds a position on the coastline which has seen tragic death and accidental ship wrecks over the centuries.

It also holds a mystery in the unexplained death of Frances Williams the wife of the first pilot-boatman who was buried in a shallow sand grave on the grounds of the Pilot Station at the age of 27 leaving three children behind to Isaac her husband.

The First Pilot A Pilot Station History

In the unfolding of her tragic story, the dramatic history of the valley and the remnants of the indigenous people’s place in the valley also becomes evident along with the footprint of their life and time which is imprinted in the land upon which the station sits.

Pilot station Dunbogan NSW, light house era , book The First Pilot, Dr Jon Drane
Pilot Station Dunbogan NSW

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