Expert witness assessment complex legal cases, property and construction, building defects.Expert Triage Expert Witness Advisory, building defects legal solutions, solving dangerous defects, defects chronology, expert triage of legal cases. Dr jon draneExpert triage of legal cases building defects

Building defects legal solutions- defects in legal cases. Solving the causes of building defects in the high rise multi-apartment sector is becoming more and more complex. Legal cases need better integrated assessment of expert input. Here is an integrated solution called Expert Triage.

  • Is your complex legal case needing expert input?
  • Are you having trouble assessing what experts are needed?
  • And your case is being delayed by this?

Building defects legal solutions-The need for triage process for choosing experts

Often building related building defect cases are much more complex than they appear and need more than one expert type to understand and solve the issue.

Choosing the right expertise to help solve the case is a complex matter and it needs specific expertise which we have at Expert Triage.

Building defects- choosing the right expert witnesses

In so many of the legal cases I have been asked to provide expert witness testimonial, when I arrive the relevant experts have already been decided. An engineer may be partly relevant to solving the problem, but a broader review of other issues might need other experts.

Building defects legal solutions-What is Expert Triage?

We use our Expert Triage process like the nurse at the emergency ward at the hospital. An assessment of the patient is made and specialists are allocated. In building defects cases needing legal solutions, the same process is needed. Unfortunately lawyers do not always have the technical skills to choose the right expert.

What is an expert witness? Building defects legal solutions

In complex legal cases, issues are complex and need more than just a legal solution and in building defects cases this is even more necessary. The court will seek out an expert with professional or lived experience to make a testimony related to the building defects case.

This may be a project manager of building projects, an architect, an engineer or a trade. The complex case may need all of these.

Expert Triage Expert Witness Advisory, building defects legal solutions, solving dangerous defects, defects chronology, expert triage of legal cases. Dr jon drane
Expert triage needed for legal solutions dangerous building defects

Expert Solutions in the Built Environment
Dr Jonathan Drane The City Whisperer, Smarter healthy cities, Property development theory, Night economy, city and property development processes, precinct activation, dead city areas, chronology of building defects, dangerous building defects history check, the defects dilemma, a decade of dangeorus defects, invisible property developer, pilot station history , literature map, building defects expert witness, building defects legal solutions
Dr Jonathan Drane, building defects legal solutions

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Dr Jonathan Drane is an independent researcher and advisor to government, corporate, legal  and academic sectors. He applies research methods to solve complex problems through project analysis in the commercial construction and development sector.

The Defects Dilemma. Solving dangerous defects in apartment towers

Dr Jon Drane created the Defects Dilemma research and advocacy programme in 2018 and has been a guest presenter at national and international conferences on the topic of Dangerous Defects in Apartment Towers. This research into building defects shows the tragedies and dangers of poor workmanship and process on construction sites that can be deadly.

Expert Triage Solving Complex Construction Cases:

Dr Jon Drane has assisted with legal and court cases related to complex construction and property development situations and resultant building defects and problems. Expert Triage is his Expert Witness consulting service.

How safe is your apartment tower?

Dr Jon Drane has focussed on the fact that our cities are ageing as well as growing and past construction methods and the economic life of buildings is being challenged. Buildings built in the mid twentieth century  were the first modernist constructions using steel and concrete in high rise situations. Dr Jon offers a history check of your apartment tower to identify possible risk factors due to age and decay of building structures and elements.

A Decade of Dangerous Defects

Decade of Dangerous Building Defects in Apartment Towers Since Bankstown 2012. How far have we come nationally and internationally with solving dangerous defects in apartment towers?

Please take time to review our chronology video starting with Bankstown then Grenfell and ending with Champlain.

Building Defects: How they can be avoided- City Development Processes

Summary: Dr Jon Drane creates a research initiative that investigates dangerous building defects in the apartment tower industry. The industry is suffering from corrupt property developer practices. Dr Drane provides models on how to rectify defects from the top down through better delivery systems and city development processes.

Defects a Builders View, Dr Jon Drane, building defects, city development processes

Defects a Builders View, Dr Jon Drane, building defects, city development processes, chronology of building defects, history of building defects, a decade of dangeorous defects.building defects legal solutions.
Defects a Builders View, Dr Jon Drane, building defects, city development processes’s_perspective

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By Dr Jon Drane

Dr Jonathan Drane is a recognised writer, researcher, advisor and teacher in city and property development processes. He is an expert witness in complex construction and property development issues. Jonathan is also the editor of The City Whisperer which explores our growing cities and the results and malaise of growth.

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