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This revealing research on complex building defects in the high rise multi-apartment sector tracks the chronology of cases across  Australia and the world. The research remembers the horrors of   Grenfell (2017) and our own Bankstown fire (2012) then tracks cases and their key characteristics and causes.

Optimum Search City Research Centre has a deep history in research of cities and their development dynamics. In this case, it is developer dynamics that are shown to be a central cause along with ongoing delivery systems in the creation of high rise multi-apartment building defects. The centre was founded by Dr Jonathan Drane who is an expert in complex development and construction cases in the commercial development sector.

‘As a research group we are tracking this history and building a longitudinal case file analysis to assist researchers, government and practitioners to build a safer future for residents of multi-apartment towers’. Dr Jonathan Drane

A new web site is up and running called The Defects Dilemma which focuses on the terrible state of defects in the multi-apartment sector.  The Defects Dilemma is a research iniative which started in 2018 when so many cases of dangerous defects were occuring across Australia and the world. The web site captures the recent history and chronology of this phenomena and also tracks the legislations and guiding studies and reports that have arisen.

The methodology for the ongoing analysis of this space involves two models 1) Delivery Systems  focus and 2) Enablement focus.

The Delivery Systems Model reveals the decline in professional systems and practices over several decades leading up to the current examples. A Defects Scenario Model is shown which provides a risk assessment for likely incidence of defects base on the delivery system.

The Enablement Model tracks the various milestones that exist as a precursor to creation of a multi-apartment tower that enable low barriers to entry for poor development practices from $2 land traders and phoenix schemes to rezoning abuse and property developers who show trading interest above long term care.

Foundations of the research include historical knowledge holding of the key eras of property development, construction and strata practices that have conspired to lead the sector to this tragic situation.

Visit the Defects Dilemma web site  for more information . Students are  welcome as well as our research projects involve mobilisation of student teams alongside professional practitioners in work placements and internships.

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The Defects Dilemma 

Dr Jonathan Drane

By Dr Jon Drane

Dr Jonathan Drane is a recognised writer, researcher, advisor and teacher in urban and property development dynamics. He is an expert witness in complex construction and development issues.

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