Summer Webinar Series : Optimising a property development site by Dr Jon Drane

Join our summer webinar series and learn practical skills on how to optimize the ‘property development site of the future’ with a new Site Optimisation app in a Game Learning Environment.

This webinar is for private and public sector property developers who seek training on how to optimise the property development site of the future including economic, environmental, social and technological skillsets.

The webinar introduces ‘Site Opt-IQ’ which is a game based simulator and analytical tool that assists practitioners, trainers and students to create the most successful balanced scenario for a property development site.

Here is the webinar line up as shown on our flyer below:

1. Pipeline Challenge: Choose the right technologies to filter out the dud sites.

2. Get Site Savvy: Get research savvy and learn how to establish a strategy to choose the best sites.

3. Site Opt Life Saver: Run a ruler over a site with this new site analytic tool.

4. Practice Comp: Game up and create the winning development on this exciting game simulator.

Learn More:

In this 4 webinar series the required initial skills and technologies  for optimizing a property development site are taught in a game learning environment using a new prototype analytical tool called Site-Opt-IQ.

Existing geo-spatial site analysis and market data platforms are reviewed.

A site optimisation tool is demonstrated which can be used in class or the field and to help navigate the existing site analytical platforms.

The series brings together research, analytics and strategic skill sets, then helps you learn faster using our exciting ‘faster class game learning’ method on our game learning and platform. See

The webinars cover both public and private property development scenarios and use precinct and site scenarios with real site examples.

The concept of ‘optimisation’ is based on multi factor analysis exploring economic, social, environmental and technological indicators.

Our group, Optimum City Research seeks to create smarter cities for our future generations.

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By Dr Jon Drane

Dr Jonathan Drane is a recognised writer, researcher, advisor and teacher in urban and property development dynamics. He is an expert witness in complex construction and development issues.

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